2012 Vol 4 No. 2 RONNEY Print


By Adai Julius, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief 

It is unbelievable but it is true. This edition marks the 9th Anniversary of Vision Africa, the magazine conceptualized primarily to highlight the contributions of notable Africans to the development of the continent. In addition, Vision Africa seeks to put the development of Africa on the front burner in order to liberate the continent from the shackles of poverty and underdevelopment.

In line with the above mission of Vision Africa, we serve you the story of the emergence of the latest nation on planet earth. The Republic of South Sudan after over two decades of armed struggle in the erstwhile Republic of Sudan. It is our hope that with the birth of the Republic of South Sudan, peace will reign in that region of the continent.
Also in this edition, we celebrate the man that can be definitely regarded as the only living African Legend – Nelson Mandela, former South Africa President and fondly referred to as the Madiba who turned 93 recently. The story is a must read for you.

Another exciting story in this edition is that on Fela on Broadway, a musical performance that debuted in New York, USA, before coming to Nigeria. We hope you'll find the review a pleasurable reading experience. In all, we have carefully packaged this edition for you and it is our hope that you'll find it a truly rewarding experience.