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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:35

The Arch. Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma of Anglican Diocese of Enugu and Ebonyi State, outlined the reasons why the new government in power needs to run an inclusive government, in all faceth of its national functions or activities.  He made this submission when Vision African Crews visited him in his office.  He said “people are expecting much from the APC ruling government, as their predecessor had failed this country for sixteen years of steering the affairs of this country. Therefore, much is expected and desire of APC led government”.

Arch. Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, bored his mind on the issue of civil servants and he said, “It a common trend in Nigeria today, as almost all the states are owing salary with impunity”. The reason for this prevalent problem was as a result of fiscal indiscipline, among the people will entrust our mandates with.  He advised that our Leaders tread a path of honour, by ensuring fiscal transparency and discourage every norms of stealing, as it is fondly done in our society.  He said, “few individuals are busy looting the treasury and holding the country to ransom”.  He advised, they should desist from their actions to avert the wrath of God.  Nigerians are earnestly looking forward to experiencing sincere management of public funds.  He blamed the economic melt-down on the financial recklessness on the part of last administration, under the leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

He showed concerned on the social, economic and educational decadence in Nigeria as it stirs us in the face.  He reaffirmed, that most Nigerian roads are in a pity state or condition, educational system, the unemployment is at alarming rate.  He advised the government in power to be focus and remain committed in steering the ship of this country, as the suffering of the masses is becoming unbearable.  The need for the government to swing into action by taking up series of agricultural projects, that will liberate the nation from being a consuming economy nation to producing economy, is pertinent to ensure and guarantee future economy prosperity.

Most Reverence, Arch. Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma made a resounding point on the Nigeria electoral system, and the steps to take, that will free us from the shackle of electoral malpractices.  He advised that any candidates who feel dissatisfied with the declared election results should seek electoral redress in the constituted courts of law, and that the judiciary should ensure justice are given without any prejudice, fear or favour of any kind in the law court constituted to hear such electoral cases.

The crucial health sector was another area that caught his attention; he mentioned that the sector has been neglected for too long.  Government needs to give comprehensive attention to this dying sector.  He employ the government to give needed attention, so that people can have access to avoidable health care system, without necessarily travelling abroad with a huge sum of money which is of no significance or benefit to our economy.

He also reminded the President Muhammed Buhari led government to embark on green policy and make it one of the cardinal areas to address the economic woes of this country.  He refrained from criticizing the government's policy on Naira devaluation.  He recommended that the president should not concede to the pressing opinions that our money should be devalued. He said, “this will not add any economic value at this point in time”.  His feelings were made known on the child-trafficking and adoption.  He stated that it is important to monitor the social mothers' centres, censor them and ensure, they are well taken care of, also to ensure the social wellbeing and secure a better future for the adopted children in Nigeria, so stated.











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