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Friday, 27 March 2015 00:14

According to the late blessed Pope John Paul II while addressing united nations in 1995, he said “patriotism never seeks to advance the well being of one's own nation at the expense of others” and in accordance to that positive dictum and axiomatic maxim, late Prof Chinua Achebe defined a patriot as one who cares deeply about the happiness and well being of his country and its entire people. The above reflection more  or less captures only immortal characters among mortals and from what we have seen and heard about this professional engineer that speaks English with dexterity like a professor of English from a highly esteemed higher institution, he quite fits into the category…

Engr Akinuli Abimbola Anthony is the chairman of G&M place which is a conglomerate made of four huge companies (G&M DRY cleaning services ltd, Glorious opportunity, and G&M Food Ltd. As a matter of fact, G&M success has richly contributed to the growth of the economy by creating jobs for people thus putting smiles on their faces. As the worthy chairman of this great outfit, he sees G&M not just as a business entity but as a family who do their very best to upgrade their customers life style, while keeping the environment and customers clean through the janitorial and dry-cleaning services. At the moment G&M has grown pocco apocco into a household name, a formidable force that has sheltered thousands of customers, hundreds of staffs and countless admirers

Cleanliness, they say is next to Godliness, as health is wealth. Under the premise the G&M management organizes an epochal physical fitness in conjunction with optimum fitness May 29th every year to mark Democracy Day. The exercise jams programme which distribute free kits like customized T-shirt, Cap etc features healthy morning exercise with veteran professional instructors who worked guests'-Cardio, Tommy, butts and Hips through Dance Aerobic, Tango, Sambo dance and classical dance moves. They also carved out free medical checkup points for the first 40 guests. This year the programme was done as solidarity to the parents as they join in the  empathy with the family of the kidnapped chibok girls as they challenged the government to speed up the search and rescue of these innocent and helpless girls from this  unjust cruelty.

Engr. Akinuli Abimoboa Anthony is an Engineer, consultant, and a motivational speaker who has so much passion for charity, youth empowerment and human resource development. Talking to National Impact about the social corporate responsibility of G&M, the in-depth engineer said “Apart from the exercise jams and free medical checkup, G&M has once sponsored a football tournament where G&M also played a club though we came second in that tournament. All is geared towards encouraging and arresting youth restiveness. Once in a while we visit some schools to do little charity just as we did few days ago. Finally, I can say that we dedicated to chibok girls. We at G&M wish to make it a bit louder having considered what their parents are passing through in the hand of their abductors. We hereby plead with all families to remember them in prayers because it is only divine intervention that can settle this score. We also wish to appeal to the government to increase the security network in our country”.